Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Get on Page 1 of Google tomorrow! Get more leads and grow your business

How many customer leads did you receive last month? Did your conversion rate increase or decrease? Should you increase your Adwords budget this month or cut back?

Our team will measure and test, as well as report to you monthly, on the success of your Adwords campaign so that you can make informed decisions and grow your customer base. Our Adwords PPC service includes:

  1. Landing Page Review and Design
  2. Campaign Organization / Structure
  3. Keyword Research & Targeting
  4. Budget Assignment
  5. Quality Score Monitoring
  6. Conversion Tracking & Reporting

Get More Customers Today

Measurable & Trackable

Why is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising such a better option than traditional forms of advertising? Two words… Conversion Tracking! Instead of dropping an enormous amount of money into an advertising medium and crossing your fingers – never really knowing if it yielded results – our PPC advertising service will provide you with concrete numbers proving results.

Received more phone calls last week than normal? Curious how many of them were a result of your PPC campaign? No need to guess. You’ll have hard numbers. Additionally, you’ll know how many of the visitors to your website came there via your PPC campaign and, more importantly, how many of those visitors actually converted into a lead or customer.

The Xcel team is constantly measuring, optimizing, and testing your ad campaign so that you can make informed, data-driven decisions about your advertising and ultimately result in more customers.

Measurable PPC

Landing Pages That Convert

Landing Page

Integral to a successful PPC campaign is a solid Landing Page. Imagine if you had a top producing sales person who never slept and worked for you 24 hours per day to convert customers. That’s your landing page! The Xcel team will design a professional, attention keeping landing page that has the sole function of converting an internet browser into a customer. We’ll feature your key services, explainer videos, testimonials, promotional offerings and more to pull the potential customers into your sales funnel. If you already have a landing page, we’ll evaluate it and consult with you on suggested improvements to increase effectiveness.

Outperform Competition & Constant Improvement

The fact is that advertising through Google Adwords isn’t cheap and the best way to get the highest return is to continuously test and optimize.

The Xcel Adwords team is constantly running A/B tests and always has two versions of your landing page in use at all times to determine which presentation converts the most customers. We’ll test various page layouts, ad copy, video placement, etc. to see which version receives the best customer conversion.


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